Sunday, May 24, 2020

Live-Streaming Hip Christian Music

Ever listened to really happy music -- the kind that honors the LORD -- in a contemporary, hip way, without the usual ads, and just so perfectly beautiful?

Well, I was searching for a verse about God being in control of everything, and found this:

38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39 (King James Version)

Which led to this.

I'd been a born-again Christian for over eight months now, but in all that time, I've never really listened to Christian music.

That live-streaming music felt very welcoming today.

I didn't realize there was such cool, contemporary, beautiful music dedicated to the Lord.

The website also had wonderful bits of information about the world, and local events in the U.S.

That will surely get many people listening, for it's also attuned to the times, and yet doesn't deviate from serving the Lord.

I also learned more about the 31-year-old company here:

"For 31 years, JQ99 has been West Michigan’s source for Contemporary Christian music.  It started with a vision to provide a more Contemporary Christian music station with little to no teaching programs.  It was also decided at that time that JQ99 would be a local for-profit commercial supported station.  We wanted to be funded by the local businesses, not our listeners, for operating expenses allowing listeners to support non-profit organizations."

Never met a company like that, plus, it's wonderful listening to young voices sing praises to the LORD, in their own, contemporary, hip way.

All their combined creativity's stunning!

Shows that when you love God with all your heart, age and culture barriers, are bridged.

That would certainly please God.

What a find!

Here's the link to listen to now -- live!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

7 Practical Measures For These Covid Times

Take heart, my dear friends, readers, and colleagues!

I'll share with you my best research, and even findings from my own late father, Dr. Cesar B. Casusi, a loved and respected physician-surgeon in my tiny city up in the mountains.

This article is to honor God, you, and my own father, my best teacher in health and fitness, even as I have done some research since the early 90s, having written "The FIT Executive" quarterly column for "World Executive's Digest".

I will just enumerate and explain briefly a few practical measures we can all take as we battle this covid challenge, together with everyone else in the world.

I'm a practical researcher, so you will only find practical measures here.

To my mind, here's what we can all do to keep healthy, for there's really no way to battle disease, except to strengthen our immune systems, so we are less susceptible to the disease, even as many factors, like our DNA predisposition, and stress endurance have to be taken into consideration.

But here's how to keep ourselves healthy, in any condition the world may be in:

1. Sleep well.
Sure, these covid days may rob you of rest and sleep, being anxious and all that, but your body needs to rest and recharge, and heal itself. What better way than at least eight hours of sleep? Our society has been designed to rob you of that, making you work so hard, but I hope you take all the sleep and naps your body needs. Your body knows best, with regards to repairing itself, so please listen to it.

2. Eat healthy foods.
My late father always told my mom to feed us nutritious foods when we were children, because he was not keen about vaccines. Being of the old school, and having respect for folk remedies -- having lived in the province himself -- he and mom would make sure we ate healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and the best meats and fish, shaking his head at my dieting when I became a teenager.

3. Trust God.
You can only relax if your heart is in the right place -- trusting God with all your heart. Only God can calm all your doubts, fears, anxieties, and apprehensions, which tend to go in circles. Only the Creator knows, and sees, the whole picture. There are always many layers to everything, stuff we cannot see, or are not shown. Pray to Jesus to lead the way, every step of the way, and He will.

4. Enjoy the sun.
Get your Vitamin D by basking in the sun's healthy rays, every moment your body seems to need some health and cheer. There are many countries in the world deprived of the healing rays of the sun, but there are others who get soaked plenty, with the sun still up till night time. In the past, societies revered the sun, because they felt its power. Enjoy it, bask in it, but only God is the Real Power.

5. Avoid airconditioning.
This will be difficult if you live and work in the city, and in a high-rise building yet, but do you know that airconditioning, whether in planes, trains, buses, taxis, automobiles, homes, offices, apartments, and gyms is merely re-circulated air? Perfect breeding ground for bacteria. What could be healthier, than being out in the open, walking, exercising, having picnics, and breathing in fresh air?

6. Keep stress low.
Yes, I also did research on stress in the early 90s, and stress can lower your immune system. When you're angry, or fearful, it creates unnecessary strain in your body, with your adrenaline glands giving an extra kick, something you don't really need. Offer all your anger, and fears, back to God. He would know what to do with it. Let's count our blessings instead, and pray for a clear heart and mind.

7. Read the Bible.
Read Genesis, the prophets, the Psalms, the four Gospels, the Book of Revelation, and especially Jesus' Teachings. The Bible is His Story -- God's Story. You will know how the world was created, how you were created, how it was during the time of Jesus, and how the world will be. Only the Bible tells you everything. Let the Holy Spirit guide you what to read. The HS is the "Teacher of All Things".

Other articles which you may find helpful:

"God is the Best Cure For All Ills"
"Nutrition: Great Foods for Getting Vitamins A to K in Your Diet"
"Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart"
"The Life That is Being Snuffed Out of Us"
"Jesus is the Living Water and Bread of Life"
"3 Things to Focus On in Times of Difficulties"
"Is There Hope for the Future?

By ourselves, with our limited vision, we can't make sense of this corrupted, tainted world, but with Jesus, leading the way back to God, we stand the best chance.

That is my deepest belief.

All systems, and institutions, bow before the LORD, our God.

I sleep good nights knowing that.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Your Kamote Personality

Image source: Paleo Flourish

Perhaps, I shall test you, using kamote as an example.

Do you know what kamote is?

Okay, granted you've never heard of the word, would you eat sweet potato or yams? 

Would you eat it boiled?

Would you eat it boiled, with skin on?

Would you eat it boiled, after peeling off the skin?

Would you eat it fried, with sugar?

Would you boil it, mash it, mix it with milk, bake it, with large marshmallows on top?

What kamote colors appeal to you?

Which one do you think tastes best?

What do you really think about kamote?

I'm not a chef, but I know how to cook and I do the marketing, so at the moment, these are but the variations that came up.

The point being -- and it's just a playful theory on my part -- that how you like kamote cooked and prepared, what type and color you choose, and if you'd eat it at all, is who you are.

Be like a kid, and pretend.

How would you treat one of the humblest root crops on earth?


Forgive me, I've probably been cooped up all my life, been in quarantine as a child, long before all the viruses showed up, so my mind likes to play with thoughts and ideas.

Anyway, I eat kamote boiled -- with skin on.


Because, my body says it's healthy!

No oil, just water, taking out all the dirt from it, and eating it plain boiled -- with skin on.

Sure, used to love it slathered with butter when I was a kid.


Simplest person I've ever become, I eat it plain.

I waste nothing from it.

I love the myriad colors it can be found in.

Purples, oranges, yellows -- gosh -- such lovely, lovely colors!

How God can create something so humble, so strong, and so nutritious, I don't even wonder about.

God is God.

He rocks!

But that's me, I find God and boiled kamotes awesome!

What about you?

What's your kamote personality like?

An excellent reference is Paleo Flourish, showing the many types of kamote, with cross sections so you can see the colors, and the many health benefits.

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Humble Kamote

Ever since I can remember, I've been eating, and enjoying, kamote, the sturdy, hardy, humble, and healthy snack of many humble and smart Filipinos.

Western countries would call it "sweet potato".

Looking at Wikipedia, I also learned it's a relative of the morning glory family -- that lovely, every day purple flower I see in our yard.

In the Philippines, my mother country, we either have it boiled or we cut it into strips and cook it with sugar.

In the big city, they'd boil it, mash it, mix it with milk, and then bake it, topping it with some giant marshmallows, which melt when broiled.

Any which way is delicious.

Many don't eat the skin, but I do, after it's been boiled.

I figure, that's additional fiber to my diet.

I also liked the fact that we get Vitamins A  and D from kamote, to boost our immune system.

That's at least two out of three suggested vitamins (the other is Vitamin C) Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai recommends.

The brilliant scientist* is also a systems engineer, inventor of e-mail, and U.S. Senate candidate.

He emphasizes:

The right medicine, for the right person, at the right time."

I've also heard that former Philippine president, Fidel V. Ramos, would eat kamote tops (the leaves) to strengthen his system.

All I know is I appreciate humble, inexpensive, and nutritious food and root crops rock!

Somehow, probably on a cellular level, the body knows what's good for it.

In these covid days, it's always good to eat fresh, healthy foods that have not come from laboratories.

I know that God created good, and He created kamote -- the root crop with the heart-shaped leaves.

Doesn't that say much?

*More on Dr. Shiva here.

Other kamote references:
10 health benefits
how to plant kamote

When Things Fall Apart, Get Creative

Done with cleaning up the canals at our home, in preparation for the forthcoming first storm of this year, I happily plopped down to write.


No screen?

Zilch, nada, nothing.

Blacker than the black hole.

How'd that happen?

What's with my laptop?

It was working fine last night.

What now?

Think, think, think.

Oh, maybe it's this key.


How about this Ctrl key, that other key, and Esc?

Huh, nothing?

How about I take out the batteries and restart?

That worked before, but not now.


The cycle repeats itself.

Then, a brilliant idea hit, because I know Microsoft wants us to keep the unit plugged on AC when it updates its programs.

Worth a shot.


An arrow shows up on the screen after a few seconds!

Sign of life!

Keep going...

Then a thing circles on the screen.

I know something's being downloaded inside the system, aha!

Patience, patience.

Oh, and a box shows up.

Cool, soon I'll see Google, and all those prompts.

The screen doesn't get any bigger.

And words start showing up.

They're mighty HUGE!

A tiny screen, and HUGE letters, how am I gonna work on my blogs?

How am I gonna open lots of windows as I normally do?

Oh well, minimize the letters, that ought to keep up with the tiny screen.


Will have to, for now.

Have I got a choice?

I'm no techie, and it's quarantine season.

No laptop hospital open.

I better make do with whatever I have at the moment.

As my former father-in-law, an American soldier and survivor of two World Wars, who was also interned at Buchenwald, once said:

"Things could be worse."


So, very true.

Count your blessings.

Listen to the wise vets who don't treat animals, but were once treated as animals.

I bowed my head in prayer.

"Thank you, God, for EVERYTHING!"

A new blog, and five new articles later, I saw the Light.

God in the Time of Covid

It really did look like my Mom's Christmas balls.

You know, like the kind wrapped with colorful plastic straw, with pins sticking on it.

I forgive you if you don't know what I'm talking about.

We ancient people sometimes speak in riddles.

But I swear it does look like those Christmas balls of my childhood.

Whether man-made, or just a product of cycle, or evolution, the covid crisis will bow before God.

I really feel God's allowing ALL to surface.

So the good people can be known, and the bad people can stop hiding.

Good people (although technically, only God is good) are those who really care about others.

The bad people only care to destroy, control, and manipulate.

Even a child could have told you the difference.

The pure, unspoilt minds of kids usually can tell the difference.

Out from the mouths of babes spring startling wisdom.

I guess I'm fortunate that a day before my birthday last year, I really wanted "change".

My life and work had been out of sorts for a long time, and I kept praying to God (bugging Him all the time), to please show the way, to give me an answer, or a direction, or two.

Well, Dr. David R. Reagan showed up on my radar.

After that, there was no turning back.

Then, a new blog surfaced.

After which, 22 books on spiritual warfare wanted to be born.

And all that time I was writing it, trouble was brewing in China, and soon, the rest of the world.

But, God wasn't done.

He had the Holy Spirit inspire me to write two more books, on Jesus, this time.

"6 Steps to Jesus"
"Servant of Scripture"

And that's when the whole thing in the world really spread.

It seems, traveling Chinese lunar year tourists unwittingly spread the virus, far and wide.

If you've observed, the world had been on a traveling, cultural, entertainment, food, material, and hospitality binge for many years.

All the posts on Facebook and Instagram showed that.

People had become unstoppable, and for those who couldn't travel, they often wondered where all the money was coming from.

Fortunately, for myself, and my family, we were used to frugal living.

We were also well-attuned to health and medical information, for my own father was a physician-surgeon.

I was also a health and fitness researcher, among many other things.

And then I became a born-again Christian last year.

As the covid developed all over the world, my writing had taken on its own power -- all from God, of course!

How could I claim that?

Well, all my blogs and thoughts are backed by SCRIPTURE.

I don't think for myself anymore.

I've asked Jesus to please lead the Way, and let it ALL be His Way, or not at all.

I don't take half-measures.

It's either GOD, or nothing.

Choosing the CREATOR is a no-brainer.

It's a choice from the heart.

And God's timing is exquisite.

It's excellent.

It's almost a work of art, and I'm here to write about it, because I see and feel it for myself.

I don't know how God touches your heart.

I don't even know if you acknowledge Him as the Creator.

I don't know if you love Him.

So, when this covid crisis thing hit, just as I was writing my books on my dreams and visions, I was working under God's timetable.

It was time to share those dreams and visions, even as I wove them into works of fiction.

And today, God plays a trick on me.

He knows that I'd play along, and see things for what they are.

He's pretty clear with me, anyway.

He knows my child-like heart will see it His way.

He botched my laptop, because He knew I will tinker with it, fix it, and if it can't be fixed, to ask what His message would be.

I only await His every instruction.

And finding my laptop strange all of a sudden -- with a tiny screen, and HUGE letters -- He knew I'd laugh it off, and make something of it.

Nothing could stop the writer in me.

God is my source, my fuel, my power.

Without Him, I'd just be like any writer who could write.

Seeing I laughed about the botched computer, He inspired me to create this new blog you're on now.

He knew I wanted to write this particular post you're reading now.

A persistent kamote doesn't quit.

We just get creative.

We just keep going, under the Grace and Guidance of God.

Just so you know, the covid crisis will merely reveal more of who we really are -- each one of us.

You will finally know who your true friends are.

You will see who has heart.

You will see who's got other intentions.

You will realize who really wants to control the world.

You may even need to create new work.

There will be many realizations, about people, work, and life.

In times of seeming disaster, there's always LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

That LIGHT has always been GOD.

Only God holds ALL the answers.

Seek Him then!

God Played a Trick On Me

God played a trick on me
so, what do i do?
laugh along
play along
get as crazy
what else to do, right?

I was inspired to create this blog, moments ago.

The Holy Spirit dunnit.

My laptop wouldn't open up, just when I wanted to write a new article on God.

I tinkered with the gadget.

I had no idea how to fix it.

It's not possible to find a technician, as we're all on quarantine.

There's no pass for a laptop repair "emergency".

Did God not want that article?

Did the article suck?

Am I meant to share it?

Laptop just conked out on me, first thing in the morning.

Was it hyperventialting?

Used beyond limits?

How was I to write now?

And there was a storm approaching my city.

Earlier, I had cleared three canals at our home, as they were filled with soil, leaves, debris.

I've lived in this city almost all my life, and I tell ya, the storms up north are to be taken seriously.

Our dilapidated 46-year-old house has borne the yearly wrath of those bunch of mean storms.

Still, the house stands, faithfully sheltering us.

God wanted us to stick around here, that's why He also uprooted me from the big city.

Only God has perfect vision.

He knew what we'd all be facing, so if you are where you are now, that's probably where He wanted you to be.

Faith in God's ways will tell you so.

Now, why did I suddenly turn serious, hahaha.

I was talking about laptop conking out on me, when I needed to write an article about God, plus, it had to be done -- pronto -- as a storm approached my city.

Storms and power blackouts are the norm everywhere.

Anyway, I got this strange idea to plug in my laptop, and bingo, started showing a cursor on the screen, even as it was still a pretty blank screen.

Patience, patience.

Good things come to those who are unbelievably patient.

And persevering.

And then a white box shows up.

Huh, that's my screen?

But why is it so tiny?

Then words started showing up.

Huh, why are they so LARGE?

How am I to write my posts now?

How am I to multi-task, as I normally do?

So, anyway, I write to Joseph, my dear friend and Bible coach.

In the process, whenever I write him, something comes up.

An idea of a weird sort.

Which I always work on.

It's as if my friend is a catalyst.

Like, he's not really doing anything -- merely listening to me -- but something shows up as I do a monologue, and write him.

Along the way, I thought up the words "persistent kamote", thus, the birth of this blog.

And I was spilling with ideas, and figured, my laptop's crazy, I'm crazy, we're quite a team.

Surely, I can navigate the tiny screen, the large letters, the forthcoming storm, the current quarantine, and whatever else may surface.

At least, I'm home, safe, and working.

At least, laptop got fixed, somehow.

At least, there's still electricity.

And yes, this is my third article now.

And my mind's already created the fourth.

Head over the to the next article then.

It was the original article before God played that trick on me.

And now, I know, He was testing me how much I really wanted to write that.

A persistent kamote never quits.

I just write.

God knew it all along.

Natural Resilience

Sure, we have a covid crisis.

Stretching the patience, endurance, strength, faith, and creativity of most people.

Still, I'm amazed at the resilience of some folks, who manage, no matter what.

You won't hear them complaining, lambasting, or getting all grouchy and bored.

These few resilient strands of people around us, look for solutions.

More often than not, they look to God, for only God HAS the solutions.

I honestly feel that God's allowing this covid crisis to surface, to stretch man's love, patience, faith, and compassion.

Will he care about others?

Will he look to God for help?

Will he review his own life?

Will he check his own erring ways?

Will he have the clarity of spirit, to see?

Will he have the humility to finally acknowledge, the might and power of God?

Will he wake up to how the world refuses to bow down to God?

Will he re-invent his work, or maybe create new work, that is of more value to people?

Will he finally see that this is a sort of test of the human heart?

Will he finally align his energy and intentions with God, as only God sees and knows the whole picture?

Will he ask Jesus for help, and for guidance?

Will he finally see how the world really treats people, in times of prosperity, and in times of need?

The desire to live, to serve, to love, to understand, and to know, will give us more resilience.

We can't go down without knowing what this is all about.

Surely, God will help us see.

It's more a need to have perfect spiritual vision in 2020.